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What’s the Best Lei for Mother’s Day and Graduation Day? Expert Tips for Picking the Perfect Garlands

May 2, 2017 | All Stories

Presenting a beautiful lei to Mom on Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 14, is in keeping with a thoughtful, time-honored tradition in the Hawaiian Islands and far beyond these tropical shores.

And shortly after the Mother’s Day holiday, families and friends will celebrate student achievement in May and June by giving lei at school graduation ceremonies. Some students will receive so many lei, in fact, that their necks will disappear as their smiles grow wider and wider.

Needless to say, the springs months are an extra-busy time for lei makers and sellers. This includes bulklei.com, which offers discount prices and fast shipping on a wide variety of garlands.

How to Choose Lei for Moms

What’s the best lei for Mother’s Day? Here are some suggestions to make Mom oh-so happy:

When purchasing lei for the family matriarch, popular choices include garlands with sweet-smelling blossoms and intricate handwork. Two perfect examples of this are the Purple Christina Orchid Lei and Ms. World Pikky Orchid Lei. These lovely creations eloquently express appreciation for all that mothers do for their families throughout the year.

How to Choose Lei for Graduating Students

What’s the best lei for graduation ceremonies? Here are some ideas for honoring your favorite scholars as they clutch those diplomas and proudly embark on the next phases of their lives:

For both male and female students, bright and showy blossoms are sure to be a hit. Consider a Green Pikky Orchid Lei with its elaborate layers of color. This stunning lei conveys a sense of importance and accomplishment.

For girls and women specifically, think feminine and fragrant garlands. You can’t go wrong with a Yellow Shell Lei, Green Shell Lei or White Shell Lei. They’re all attractive and delicate choices.

For boys and men, popular items include the Tiger Kukui Nut Lei, Brown Kukui Nut Lei and Black Kukui Net Lei.All these strands are masculine, durable and inexpensive.

So whether the occasion is Mother’s Day or Graduation Day, nothing says love like a lei.