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How is pricing done on LeiHut?

You get to list your products for free,  we take a 20% service fee + $0.50 per item when you make a sale. Ideally, you’re a maker of products so you’re getting both manufacturing profits and about 80% of retail profits. This allows you room to be more than fair which will grow your brand and customer preference for buying via the LeiHut Ohana at the same time.

Who ships the product?

Vendors are responsible for packing & shipping their own products. You know your product best and this also gives you the chance to really finish off your brand of experience by being able to control the entire experience.

What about customer service?

Vendors know their product best AND are responsible for fulfillment of orders hence are responsible for customers’ service too. We recommend not arguing with customers and going the extra yard to make them super happy (heck, we’ve provided you with the extra profit room to be big about it!). Further, you should regard all customer service contacts as a chance to make friends and learn more about how you can make even better stuff that more people want.

How do I know when to ship products?

LeiHut will send you an email order notification each time an order is placed for your goods.

What shipping methods are available?

Most LeiHut vendors use USPS flat rate shipping boxes however you can specify FedEx and UPS for expedited shipping, perishables and products larger than flat rate containers.

When do I get paid for LeiHut sales?

LeiHut pays for prior month’s orders on or about the 15th day of each month. See Vendor Terms for details.

Why should I use LeiHut?

LeiHut is a sophisticated ecommerce platform designed for superior Search Engine Optimization performance, strong merchandising and a better multi-vendor shopping experience. Leave the marketing and geeking to us. Just concentrate on your products and fulfillment and we’ll all prosper together.

If I don’t have great product pics, how can I get them?

Contact Us ~ We’ll hook you up. In these early days of LeiHut, we’re doing loads of photos in our backyard and at the beach, so just get your products over to us and we’ll make them sing. If you do, let us know whether we can open your products. Pics that include the actual un-wrapped products always sell more.

How can I better promote my products?

LeiHut’s got a sweet deal with a local video production company that can help take your promotion to the next level. Check it out here.

How does LeiHut promote products?

Part of the genius of LeiHut is in the way it’s engineered to show up like crazy on Google and other search engines. Many of you have likely gone through the pain of mounting a website only to find that you just can’t get the traffic you desire. Well leave it to us grasshopper… we know our technekule stuffs! Stand back and behold the power of online marketing, social media, blogging and good old-fashioned PR & marketing.