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A Real Heart Stopper: Valentine’s Spam Musubi!

Feb 3, 2012 | Hawaii Tips, LeiHut News, Stuffs We Like!

Valentine's Spam Musubi

Want to make your valentine’s heart skip a beat? We’ve got a Hawaiian-style snack that’s sure to win their affection: Heart-Shaped Spam Musubi!

Spam musubi is one of the most popular snacks in Hawai‘i. Locals love them, and tourists who try them can’t get enough. We’ve made these onolicious treats available through a care package with all the ingredients and tools needed in a Deluxe Valentine’s Heart Musubi Care Package.

Valentine's Heart Musubi

Start by getting that rice cooking and making heart-shaped Spam cutouts. You can also make toppings from scrambled eggs to add another fancy layer.

Cut Spam
Mold Spam
Cut Musubi Egg

If you’ve got a dog, they’re totally down for helping clean up the scraps!

Mia the Dog Grinds on Egg

Next, it’s time to fry… Get those hearts good and crispy!

Fry Spam
Brown Spam in Pan

To caramelize the Spam, mix 4 tbsp sugar with soy sauce. Place the mixture on medium-high heat and cook Spam until they get a nice glaze.

Soy Sauce for Spam
Sugar and Soy Sauce for Spam
Caramelize Spam in Soy
Cut nori seaweed strips

Prep nori (seaweed) strips by cutting them into thin pieces, about a quarter inch thick. Then mold the rice using either the heart shape mold or the rectangle rice molder. Hint: wet the mold first to keep rice from sticking.

Mold Rice Cake
Sugar and Soy Sauce for Spam
Rice Cake mold

We sprinkled furikake (rice seasoning) to make our rice extra awesome.

Rice Seasoning
mix seasoning
furakaki rice cake

To finish, stack  spam and eggs on the rice and wrap with a nori (seaweed) strip.

Wrap nori seaweed strip
Double Heart Spam Musubi
Spam Musubi

Remember your presentation! We plated this heart-stopper with some rosey romance.

Valentine's Day Spam
Valentine's Spam Musubi

Last but not least, feed dem hungry dawgs!

Valentine's Spam Musubi
Mia the Dog Licks da kine

NOTE: No animals were harmed or ate Spam in the making of this blog post!

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