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Ukulele for Beginners

Oct 2, 2012 | All Stories, Hawaii Tips, Stuffs We Like!

In Hawaii, the ukulele is as iconic as pineapples and hula girls. The beautiful sounds produced from this instrument can vary based on the shape, size, and materials used to create it. The best part about the ukulele is it is fun to play and easy enough for anybody to learn. Here are the basics to the ukulele:

Hawaiian Ukulele
Ukulele Lesson Book

Ukuleles have just four strings, unlike the six strings on a guitar. This simplification makes learning basic chords and notes a little easier for those new to the instrument. Most instructional books for ukulele will teach you the chords and strumming patterns using diagrams that plainly display where your fingers need to go. Our favorite beginner’s book is “Uke-ology: A Guide for the Ukulele Enthusiast.” In addition to providing all the essential information about how to play the ukulele, it also includes a CD that you can play along with. Within a short time you’ll be able to play songs!

There’s a very large variety of ukuleles to choose from. They range from inexpensive and colorful beginners styles to handcrafted, beautifully detailed, premium instruments constructed with rare woods or inlaid with shells and other adornments. It is important to select an ukulele that suits your needs and that you feel excited to play. Gather a group of friends and go through lessons together. Practice makes perfect!

Ukulele Lesson Hawaii