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Tuna & Taro Dog Treats

Jan 30, 2013 | All Stories

When it comes to island cuisine, tuna and taro are popular ingredients. ‘Ahi is the name for bigeye tuna in Hawaii, and it is served in every way – from sushi to steaks. Taro has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet for centuries and is used to make poi.

Tuna & Taro dog treats

Human beings have taken delight in these eats, and now it’s time to share the tastiness with man’s best friend. These fish-shaped Tuna & Taro dog treats are as cute as they are crunchy and delicious and nutritious. They’re freshly baked with aloha by TLC Dog Treats in Mililani, Oahu. No preservatives or artificial ingredients are added.

Tuna & Taro dog treats

LeiHut is offering Tuna & Taro Treats for 50% off now through February 20th or while supplies last. Score your bag here before they’re gone!