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Travel in Style!

Oct 9, 2012 | All Stories, Hawaii Tips, Stuffs We Like!

Gearing up for a vacation to Hawaii or some other tropical destination this winter? Use these quick tips to stay comfortable, happy, and, most importantly, in style!

Protect your peepers! Make sure to pack sunglasses with UV protection. UV stands for ultraviolet rays – the ones known for causing damage to your skin. These harmful rays can also hurt your eyes, so selecting shades with at least 100% UV protection on the label is important. Keep your sunglasses from getting scratched in your beach bag by storing them in a soft padded cloth pouch.

Hawaiian Eyeglass Pouch
Travel Neck Pillow

Catch up on Zzz’s! Long trips on planes, trains, buses and cars are exhausting and unless you’re traveling in first class, notoriously uncomfortable. Instead of subjecting yourself to in-flight movies or endless Sudoku games, sneak in some beauty sleep. Getting extra shut-eye will allow you to have maximum energy when you arrive at your final destination and will help the time fly by. A U-shaped design neck travel pillow nicely supports your head and allows you to comfortably nap on the go. Keep ear plugs stowed along with your pillow to ensure restful sleep and sweet dreams.

It’s in the bag! Having handy tote bags is a necessity when you’re jet setting. Cloth tote bags are great for travel because they can fold down flat, expand and stretch to hold your towels, snacks, reading materials, and other goodies, and they are machine washable. We are in love with our new collection of reversible Hawaiian print tote bags that are lined with fun and funky geometric patterns on the opposite side. They are also useful for grocery shopping as they are much stronger than paper or plastic bags and can be reused again and again!

Hawaiian Print Tote Bag

Are you going on any tropical vacations this year? What are your best travel tips?