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Talk Story with LeiLei Hawaiian Jewelry

Sep 4, 2012 | All Stories, LeiHut Vendors, Stuffs We Like!

In Hawaii “talk story” means catching up or chatting. LeiHut loves talking story with our vendors. Here’s a talk story session with Honolulu jewelry designer James Tseng, and his company LeiLei Hawaiian Jewelry.

LeiHut (LH): Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you discover your love for jewelry making?
James Tseng (JT): I grew up on this island and was surrounded by many inspirational people. We all know Hawaii is a special place. You get to meet these great people by any chance. One person who influenced me the most is Howard Miao. He basically changed the way we think and create Hawaiian Jewelry.

Hawaiian Sunrise Shells
Hawaiian Silver Bracelet

(LH): What inspires your designs?
(JT): Everything. Sometimes you don’t notice it, but it’s there.

(LH): What is your most popular piece?
(JT): Hawaii Sunrise Shell. The most beautiful piece that is created by nature and only can be found in Hawaii.

(LH): What is your favorite piece of jewelry  from your collection?
(JT): The first bangle I made for my mom.

(LH): Are there any new designs in the works?
(JT): Yes! I am always searching for new ways to create, to express.

Hawaiian Silver Ring