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Talk Story With HOPA

Oct 30, 2012 | All Stories

In Hawaii “talk story” means catching up or chatting. LeiHut loves talking story with our vendors. Here’s a talk story session with Bronson Chang, the founder of Oahu’s favorite shave ice shop, HOPA, also known as Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha.

LeiHut (LH): Tell us a little bit about HOPA and pure aloha spirit.
Bronson Chang (BC): Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha, also known as “HOPA”, is a Hawaiian treat shop where you can enjoy all-natural homemade shave ice and other delicious treats, a social enterprise out to make a difference in the world, but most importantly a welcoming house for all to come together as ohana and authentically experience Pure Aloha and the real magic and beauty of Hawaii. We are guided to live “The Pure Aloha Way”, a lifestyle based on the six core values of: live pure love, inner peace now is essential, passionately self-discover, truly believing is the beginning, be humble, and continuously pursue perfection. We try to go really deep into each of these values, if you’d like to yourself, see here.

HOPA love coffee mug
HOPA Pure Aloha Oath

(LH): What inspired you to create the HOPA products?
(BC): The inspiration behind the HOPA products we’ve created was simple: how can we share more Pure Aloha?  Our intention was to provide high-quality, creative, and thoughtful products that would inspire, encourage, and remind people to live Pure Aloha.  Every time someone purchases a HOPA product, we’re excited and grateful because we know it means more Pure Aloha will be shared into the world!

(LH): What is your most popular flavor at HOPA? What is your most popular product?
(BC): Strawberry is our most popular flavor by far.  We use fresh strawberries for our syrup and it’s beloved by all.  Can’t decide on a flavor, you can’t go wrong with the ‘ohana favorite! Our most popular HOPA merchandise are the HOPA Love stickers.  I’m not surprised because the meaning behind the HOPA Love sticker is so perfect and powerful.  Oh, and we have lots of pretty color variations!  The HOPA Love sign is made using two “I Love You” signs put together and forms a heart in a house.  We envision seeing people around the world boldly sharing this sign one day to spread Pure Aloha.

HOPA sticker

(LH):  Does HOPA have any new flavors or products in the works?(BC):  Always! You’ll have to stay tuned because we’re constantly being inspired with new ideas.