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Pineapple Candy Paradise

Feb 6, 2013 | All Stories

Juicy, tropical, and sweetened by the Hawaiian sun, pineapple is one of Hawaii’s favorite fruits. It is a truly special treat because the pineapple plant takes two years to bear fruit! Locals and visitors to the islands enjoy pineapple as a snack, in meals, and desserts!

Pineapple Hard Candy LeiHut
Pineapple Hard Candy

If you can’t get fresh pineapple, the next best thing to transport your tastebuds to paradise is pineapple candy! Hard candy is a perfect pick-me-up to keep around in your office desk drawer, in the car, beach bag or lunch box. Now for a limited time we have a huge sale on pineapple candy! This popular flavor is sure to fly off the shelves, so stock up on savings before it’s too late! Score your bag here.