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How It Works

Sharing the Aloha: From Surfing to Delivery

1. SHOP The Hut

To purchase products at LeiHut, all you have to do is shop and click the “Add Item to Cart” buttons. Once you’ve added items to your shopping cart, you can either shop more or go straight to “Checkout.”

2. CHECKOUT to finalize details

Once you enter the checkout area at LeiHut, you can enter a discount code, specify shipping speed, shipping destination and style of payment to finalize your purchase. You also have the option to register a free account at LeiHut to be eligible for special offers and time-saving features like fast-checkout and Wish List functionality.

3. WAIT & WATCH for notices & deliveries

Finally, you will receive order confirmations and fulfillment status by email. If you have any questions during transit time, or are not satisfied with your purchase, feel free to Contact Us