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Kukui Nut Leis

Dec 31, 2012 | All Stories

If there is one Hawaiian accessory that has prevailed over time, the Kukui Nut Lei takes the crown. Originally worn by the islands’ ali‘i (Hawaiian for “chiefs,”) Kukui Nuts Leis are now a popular item for folks of all social classes.

Kukui Nuts come from the Kukui tree, the official state tree for Hawaii. Kukui trees grow easily all around the islands, and each part of the tree has been put to good use throughout history. Its wood has been constructed into outrigger canoes, its oils have been incorporated into health and beauty products to help heal the body, and of course, its nuts have been artfully strung into leis.

Black Kukui Nu
Black Kukui Nut Lei

Today, Kukui Nut leis are useful in many ways. Since they are non-perishable, they provide an easy way to give a lei greeting at any time, any place, any season of the year. Great for themed-parties, hula halaus, or as a unique and beautiful necklace! LeiHut’s got a special limited time offer on kukui nut leis that will allow you to stock up on savings! Check it out here