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How to Sell on LeiHut

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How it Works:

LeiHut Ohana is a new & easy way to sell Hawaii products to the world. You do the biz, we do the web.

If your products are all about Hawai‘i and you can pack & ship, we invite you to submit products for sale on LeiHut. Here’s the deal:

Sales Channels: 

1. Existing Website: Add our e-commerce engine to your website

2. New Website: Let us build & maintain website for your biz.

3. LeiHut.com: Promote your products on LeiHut.com.

4. All of the Above: Sell in many places, yet manage from one place!

Fulfillment Options:

1. You Pack & Ship: Notifications sent & we add 20% backend fee.

2. We Pack & Ship: Your stuff on consignment in our warehouse.

Payment Options:

1. PayPal: Direct Deposit

2. Bank Deposit: Electronic Transfer

3: Check: Manual Check

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Vendors We Dig

LeiHut is all about sharing the beauty, experience and culture of our island paradise. We select producers and products based on the following criteria:

Hawai‘i Producers & Growers. We really like makers of unique and quirky products get to market.

Hand-Hewn is Our Favorites. You don’t need to be fancy or large ~ just be for real. And if you’re a hands-on owner, you’re definitely our kind of da kine.

If You’re Already Online, That’s Good! You don’t have to already be selling online, but if you are, more sites talking together makes for better Search Engine Optimization and stronger sales so let’s get it on!

You Can Pack & Ship Your Own Products. The LeiHut system is simple: we send you email notifications whenever buyers submit orders, you pack & ship products and we send you payments.

You’re a Real Business. You need to be a licensed business (Fed/State/local government), in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, codes & ordinances and maintain general business insurance.

Your Pics Gotta Show the Love!

If your pics don’t love’em, neither will customers. The Internet doesn’t allow for easy sampling: they can’t try it on, smell it or taste it. So your pics need to:

Tropical, Artful & Closeups convince customers that your products are quality and authentically Hawai‘i.

No Excuses: Get’em Right! FYI, most of the pics on our site were done by us in our own backyard at LeiHut ~ with a tiny little point & shoot camera ~ so you don’t need a fancy rig, you just need the love and ‘aina to care. If you can’t seem to get the pics, Contact Us

“Hawaii Product” Guidelines

We’re not paradise Nazis. Your whole product doesn’t have to be made in Hawai‘i. But it should carry the aloha of Hawai‘i. Use common sense and observe these guidelines:

No Schlock. There’s a fine line between fun/funny and crap. We reserve the right to reject any product.

Screams “Hawai‘i” Ideally Hawai‘i made, grown or local culture products.

A Bitchin’ Brand. An interesting company story and cool packaging.

Supportive & Sustainable. Supporting good causes and environmentally sustainable products.

For full product guidelines, see Vendor Terms & Conditions

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