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Hawaiian Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 23, 2012 | All Stories, Hawaii Tips, Stuffs We Like!

Everyone’s favorite fall holiday is right around the corner – Halloween! Carving pumpkins, gathering up treats, and putting together a creative costume can leave you feeling tired as a zombie. Luckily, LeiHut is here to help! Here’s our quick guide to a Hawaiian-inspired Halloween!

Hula Girl: Dressing up as a Hawaiian hula girl is an easy and fun costume that’s sure to make you popular at Halloween festivities. Start with a grass skirt and coconut shell bra. If you live in a colder climate, wear leggings and a neutral colored turtleneck shirt underneath for warmth. Accessorize your look with a bunch of artificial leis and clip flowers in your hair. Be ready to sway those hips!

Coconut Shell Bra Hula Costume
Oahu Guide Map

Classic Tourist: This creative costume idea is great for girls or guys and easy to put together. Start by outfitting yourself in a brightly colored aloha shirt paired with cargo shorts. For footwear, make it humorous by wearing socks with sandals or go for the more serious adventurer style and wear hiking boots. Carry a foldable map and wear a camera around your neck.

Surfer Dude (or Dudette): Wear a swim suit and lather up in some tropical scented lotion or sunscreen. Bonus points for putting a thick layer of zinc-oxide sunscreen on your nose. Get the true Hawaiian surfer look by sporting a trucker hat. Locals love ’em for the great sun protection. Make sure to give the “shaka” or “hang loose” hand sign to everyone you pass by folding down your pointer, middle, and ring finger and extending your thumb and pinkie.

Get Salty Trucker Hat

Have you ever dressed up as any of these things for Halloween? If so let us know and share your photos with us!