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LeiHut For-Cause Programs

We believe the world needs smarter businesses & better eco-practices. Here’s how we’re doing our part:

Your Care Pack Fundraiser

Interested in making money for your organization? Here’s how it works:

Care Packs for You to Sell We provide you with our fundraising order form listing all the Aloha Gourmet Snack Packs available for sale. You can make anywhere from $4 to $6 of profit per item depending on which type of care pack you sell.

Pick up Your Products and Profit Once your group has a bunch of orders, you can turn in your order form and pick up the snack packs from us as well as a check for all of your profit!

All of us here at LeiHut are dedicated to helping local non-profits raise money so if there is anything we can do to help you fund raise please Contact Us

Youth Entrepreneurship

LEIHUT Contributes 10% to Business Literacy Programs (from all LeiHut brand care packages sales). Our current top initiative is a K-12 kids business competition called Lemonade Alley.

LEIHUT Gets Hawai‘i Entrepreneurs Online to sell products to the world without having to become techno-geeks themselves fora more than square deal.

LEIHUT Strives for Eco-Friendliness by avoiding the use of wasteful cellophane-wrapped, paper-stuffed gift baskets. Instead, we use sustainable materials that are recycled, bio-degradable and/or reusable.

If you want to help our causes, Contact Us