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Flower Power!

Nov 13, 2012 | All Stories, Hawaii Tips, Stuffs We Like!

The Hawaiian islands are famous for their bright and beautiful blossoms. Indigenous flowers, along with plants that were brought over from other lands, grow easily in the tropical climate. Here’s a quick guide to some of LeiHut’s favorite flowers:

Hibiscus- The official flower of Hawaii, this is one of the most iconic blooms of the islands. Hibiscus come in almost every color, though yellow hibiscus is the official color for the state. This flower is popular for fabric patterns on mens aloha shirts, swimsuits, and other tropical attire. Hibiscus are also frequently tucked behind the ear as a form of Hawaiian accessorizing. Foam replicas even make them fun to decorate dogs!

Hibiscus Hair Clip for Dogs

Plumeria – Plumeria grow on trees all over Hawaii. Each blossom carries an intoxicating scent. This lovely flower is often infused into body products and candles to create a sweet and feminine fragrance. Plumeria are also commonly used to string leis in Hawaii, but because they are so fragile they cannot be shipped outside of the state. Nonperishable plumeria lei are a great alternative to the real deal!

Plumeria Maui Sugar Scrub

Orchid – These flowers are not indigenous to Hawaii, but you’ll see them everywhere! Orchids are as hardy as they are gorgeous, which makes them an ideal flower for leis. They can be expertly sewn into spirals or simply strung into a single bloom pattern. Orchids are also a popular garnish on tropical drinks and alongside exquisite island cuisine.

Orchid Blooms