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Fall Beauty

Sep 25, 2012 | All Stories, Stuffs We Like!

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, the weather is starting to change, and fall fashion is at its heyday. Whether you’re busting out boots and winter coats or stashing an umbrella in your bag for fall rain showers, these are essential items to keep you looking fabulous.

Maintain your skin’s summer glow by regularly exfoliating and moisturizing. You can do both at once with one of our favorite shower staples – Maui Sugar Scrub. This stuff works wonders for dry and uneven skin. It sloughs off old, dead skin and heals from the inside out. Manufactured in Maui using premium sugar and other ingredients, this scrub is a real treat.

Maui Sugar Scrub
Kimeejay earrings

Draw attention to your exquisite epidermis with a little sparkle and shine. Funky and flirty jewelry is a great way to make a statement and perk up your fall wardrobe. We love the dangly earrings and beach-inspired necklaces by designer Kimeejay. Accessorizing is an easy way to add a splash of cute color and unique style to your look! Try layering necklaces or pairing earrings with a sleek updo.

Want to know another one of our favorite fall beauty secrets? Always having snacks on hand! Adjusting to “real life” after the lazy days of summer, it’s important to keep your energy up. Having a small stash of dried fruit or trail mix tucked in your desk can be a real life saver when the late afternoon hunger pangs hit. Instead of gorging on chips or candy from the vending machine, you can maintain your fit physique with a healthier alternative.

Tropical Trail Mix

Do you have any fall beauty tips and tricks? Let us know how you stay stylish!