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A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

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A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

Aloha LeiHut fans! We’ve got a special offer to help you get a fresh start on the new year. For a limited time, LeiHut’s plumeria scented air fresheners are FREE! You only pay 50 cents to ship anywhere in the U.S.A! Air fresheners are not just for your car. These cute boogie board shaped fresheners are also great for any other place that needs a little boost. Try them in your gym bag, school locker, dorm room, laundry room or bathroom. After a few whiffs of this lovely fragrance, you’ll be transported to paradise. Click to score your FREE air freshener before it’s too late!

Plumeria Air Freshener

Unique Gift Ideas

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Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for unique holiday gift ideas? LeiHut is here to help! We’ve got dozens of creative, handcrafted, Hawaiian products that are sure to show your loved ones just how much you care. Direct shipped from our island vendors to your home on the mainland, you’ll be getting a product that is truly special.

Coconut Shell Candles
Hawaiian Ukulele

One gift that is music to our ears is an ukulele. This iconic island instrument has just four strings, instead of six strings like a guitar, so it is a little easier to learn. It’s never too early or too late to start playing the ukulele! Instructional books for beginners are are the perfect add-on to give with an ukulele for those who like to teach themselves. Otherwise there are ukulele teachers and playing groups in almost every city across the nation.

Tired of giving boring winter-themed gifts? Turn up the heat with Hawaii’s favorite hot sauce. Made with all natural ingredients grown in their garden, ADOBOLOCO sauces are second to none. This set includes mild, medium and hot sauce, so your favorite foodie can decide how much spiciness they want to incorporate into their meal.

ADOBOLOCO Hot Sauce Gift Set
Fresh Hawaiian Leis

If you’re looking to really knock the socks off and surprise the island lover in your life, have a fresh orchid lei shipped in from Hawaii! Leis are shipped with a 100% freshness guarantee, and the blossoms always arrive looking as vibrant as the day they were picked. Premium varieties like spiral, feather, and Pikky leis are comprised of hundreds of orchids!

Have you ever received a really unique gift? Let us know what your favorite one was!

St. Nick’s Snack Picks!

Home9Blog9St. Nick’s Snack Picks!

St. Nick’s Snack Picks!

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but many families get an early visit from St. Nick on December 6th. Youngsters hang stockings or put out shoes the evening before St. Nick’s day and wake up to find small trinkets, snacks and other gifts in their footwear. LeiHut loves all things holiday, especially if we can put a little Hawaiian twist on the tradition. Here are our top St. Nick’s holiday picks:

Mixed Mochi Balls: These colorful, crunchy, bite-sized snacks are as delicious as they are fun to eat. Mixed mochi balls come in a variety of bright colors and almost look like ornaments you could hang on the Christmas tree. These light and airy nuggets make a great snack on their own, or can a fun addition to other salty munchies like pretzels, popcorn, or other arare.

Mixed Mochi Balls
Sweet Coconut

Sweet Coconut: Give them a sweet treat as white as Christmas morning snow. Dried coconut pieces have a chewy texture and are chock-full of island coconut flavor. Try adding pieces to trail mix or into your favorite dessert recipes for a truly tropical taste. You can also create an edible winter wonderland by incorporating coconut into your gingerbread house decorations!

Tropical Candies: With flavors like pineapple, mango, and coconut, there’s no way you can go wrong with these delectable hard candies. These yummy treats dissolve slowly, allowing you to enjoy the tropical taste sensation. At a time when chocolatey, gooey candies and cookies are in abundance, having a fruity option around is a welcome change.

What are your favorite things to get from St. Nick?

Pineapple Hard Candy

Mia’s Holiday Picks

Home9Blog9Mia’s Holiday Picks

Mia’s Holiday Picks

Hip hip hooray! The holiday season is officially here! We know you’ve got cookies to bake, cards to write and carols to sing, so we’ve asked our mascot, Mia the Dog, to share her secrets to staying serene while shopping for holiday presents. Here are her tips to paw-fectly please everyone on your Christmas list!

Sunrise Shell Necklace

For Her: Treat the special lady in your life to a little luxury with tropical bath and body products. Deluxe lotions and potions from LeiHut use all natural ingredients that help rejuvenate and beautify. Exotic oils and extracts from island flowers and fruits also give these products a heavenly scent. Make her feel extra pretty with sparkling handcrafted jewelry. One of a kind earrings, necklaces, and bracelets make fabulous gifts! Help her tote her groceries and other personal items in style with handy reversible fabric bags. Our LeiHut bags have bright Hawaiian prints on one side and eye-catching geometric patterns on the reverse.

For Him: There’s no better way to start the day than with a piping hot cup of premium coffee from the Big Island of Hawaii. This gift of island warmth during the cold winter months is sure to bring a smile to his lips! Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so give him some delicious Hawaiian cookies to indulge in along with that cup of java. Or if your man likes to create his own meals, inspire him with some Hawaiian cookbooks and spices.

Local Buzz beans
Holiday Dog Lei

For Pets: Obviously, this is the most important holiday gift giving category of all! Good little doggies will love to unwrap gourmet Hawaiian doggie treats with yummy flavors like Okinawan sweet potato, papaya and banana! All these treats are made with wholesome ingredients that keep me healthy and looking great. Speaking of good looks, I love to be in fashion with cute dog dresses. I accessorize the look with dog leis in every color of the rainbow. There are limited edition holiday dog leis that come with free candy cane rawhide treats and gift wrap. The perfect gift for doggies and dog lovers everywhere!

What’s on your holiday wish list?

Flower Power!

Home9Blog9Flower Power!

Flower Power!

The Hawaiian islands are famous for their bright and beautiful blossoms. Indigenous flowers, along with plants that were brought over from other lands, grow easily in the tropical climate. Here’s a quick guide to some of LeiHut’s favorite flowers:

Hibiscus- The official flower of Hawaii, this is one of the most iconic blooms of the islands. Hibiscus come in almost every color, though yellow hibiscus is the official color for the state. This flower is popular for fabric patterns on mens aloha shirts, swimsuits, and other tropical attire. Hibiscus are also frequently tucked behind the ear as a form of Hawaiian accessorizing. Foam replicas even make them fun to decorate dogs!

Hibiscus Hair Clip for Dogs

Plumeria – Plumeria grow on trees all over Hawaii. Each blossom carries an intoxicating scent. This lovely flower is often infused into body products and candles to create a sweet and feminine fragrance. Plumeria are also commonly used to string leis in Hawaii, but because they are so fragile they cannot be shipped outside of the state. Nonperishable plumeria lei are a great alternative to the real deal!

Plumeria Maui Sugar Scrub

Orchid – These flowers are not indigenous to Hawaii, but you’ll see them everywhere! Orchids are as hardy as they are gorgeous, which makes them an ideal flower for leis. They can be expertly sewn into spirals or simply strung into a single bloom pattern. Orchids are also a popular garnish on tropical drinks and alongside exquisite island cuisine.

Orchid Blooms

Hawaiian Halloween Costume Ideas

Home9Blog9Hawaiian Halloween Costume Ideas

Hawaiian Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone’s favorite fall holiday is right around the corner – Halloween! Carving pumpkins, gathering up treats, and putting together a creative costume can leave you feeling tired as a zombie. Luckily, LeiHut is here to help! Here’s our quick guide to a Hawaiian-inspired Halloween!

Hula Girl: Dressing up as a Hawaiian hula girl is an easy and fun costume that’s sure to make you popular at Halloween festivities. Start with a grass skirt and coconut shell bra. If you live in a colder climate, wear leggings and a neutral colored turtleneck shirt underneath for warmth. Accessorize your look with a bunch of artificial leis and clip flowers in your hair. Be ready to sway those hips!

Coconut Shell Bra Hula Costume
Oahu Guide Map

Classic Tourist: This creative costume idea is great for girls or guys and easy to put together. Start by outfitting yourself in a brightly colored aloha shirt paired with cargo shorts. For footwear, make it humorous by wearing socks with sandals or go for the more serious adventurer style and wear hiking boots. Carry a foldable map and wear a camera around your neck.

Surfer Dude (or Dudette): Wear a swim suit and lather up in some tropical scented lotion or sunscreen. Bonus points for putting a thick layer of zinc-oxide sunscreen on your nose. Get the true Hawaiian surfer look by sporting a trucker hat. Locals love ’em for the great sun protection. Make sure to give the “shaka” or “hang loose” hand sign to everyone you pass by folding down your pointer, middle, and ring finger and extending your thumb and pinkie.

Get Salty Trucker Hat

Have you ever dressed up as any of these things for Halloween? If so let us know and share your photos with us!