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ING Direct Cafe Hawai‘i – helping entrepreneurs of all ages!

Home9Blog9ING Direct Cafe Hawai‘i – helping entrepreneurs of all ages!

ING Direct Cafe Hawai‘i – helping entrepreneurs of all ages!

Seedless White Li Hing Mui

The energetic orange folks at ING Direct Café Hawai‘i are supporting kid-biz and local small businesses by lending some shelf space to some of our awesome care packages! The LeiHut Island Fruits Care Package, Spam Musubi Care Package, and 100% Kona Coffee Care Package are on display and ready to be taken home today!

ING Direct Café cares about their community, with a special focus on kids. Ten percent of net proceeds from LeiHut care packages go to the non-profit Lemonade Alley, an organization that promotes business and financial literacy for children. ING Direct has partnered with Lemonade Alley to bring the competition from Hawai‘i to 7 other cities across the mainland U.S. this summer!

For all you islanders who’d like to pick up a care package instead of having it shipped, be sure to stop by the café! You’ll be supporting a great cause and local Hawaiian businesses!

LeiHut Products at ING Direct Cafe
LeiHut Products for Charity

A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

Home9Blog9A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

Aloha LeiHut fans! We’ve got a special offer to help you get a fresh start on the new year. For a limited time, LeiHut’s plumeria scented air fresheners are FREE! You only pay 50 cents to ship anywhere in the U.S.A! Air fresheners are not just for your car. These cute boogie board shaped fresheners are also great for any other place that needs a little boost. Try them in your gym bag, school locker, dorm room, laundry room or bathroom. After a few whiffs of this lovely fragrance, you’ll be transported to paradise. Click to score your FREE air freshener before it’s too late!

Plumeria Air Freshener

Giving Back to Community

Home9Blog9Giving Back to Community

Giving Back to Community

Last weekend the LeiHut crew pitched in at the biggest block party on the island – Cool Kailua Nights. The event gives back to the community by donating proceeds to the Castle Medical Center’s Oncology Clinic and the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii Windward Club House. LeiHut also donated a percentage of proceeds to Lemonade Alley. Between the food, music, and other fun happenings, the party drew thousands of residents and tourists. The founder of Cool Kailua Nights, Danielle Scherman, kicked off the first one in 2006. Danielle is a busy body, as she also is a vendor on LeiHut selling her line of Danshells jewelry!

Dangling Shell earrings on leaf
LeiHut Dog Dress

LeiHut’s mascot, Mia, modeling. LeiHut’s favorite doggie lei designer, Lei Woof, played a huge role in the event as the doggie fashion show organizer. Models walked their furry four-legged friends down the runway to show off the latest designs in pet clothing and accessories like dog leis.

The silent auction featured a number of special goods from vendors around the island. LeiHut was happy to donate two care packages towards the cause. One was filled with tasty dried tropical fruits The other care package was stuffed with Hawaiian coffee.

LeiHut loves to get out and give back to the community. Let us know if you’ve got an event where we can share the aloha!

LeiHut Care Package

Hula Supply is Here!

Home9Blog9Hula Supply is Here!

Hula Supply is Here!

LeiHut is thrilled to welcome our newest vendor, Hula Supply Center, to the LeiHut Ohana. The Hula Supply Center has been in business in Honolulu since 1954 and is the go-to source for all things hula related. Walking around their shop is a sensory overload – brightly colored flower leis line the walls, freshly hollowed ipu gourds rest on the floor to dry, shelves are stocked with traditional Hawaiian printed sarongs, instruments, jewelry and other goods unique to Hawaii and hula. Here’s a guide to some of the staples that Hula Supply Center provides to hula halaus around the world.

Puili Sticks are hand carved from bamboo and one of the most widely used implements in hula. One side is split to make the distinct rhythmic sound of traditional hula. This split side is tapped on the ground, against the body, or against the other puili stick. The smooth side of the puili serves as the handle and comes in either a small or large hand size. Small puili sticks are great for children just beginning their hula practice.

Puili Sticks
Authentic New Zealand Dancing Balls

New Zealand Dancing Balls, also known as Maori Balls or Poi Balls, were traditionally used by Maori dancers. These days, New Zealand Dancing Balls are commonly incorporated in a variety of Polynesian performances. While grasping the yarn tassels, dancers twist their wrists to create beautiful patterns with the swinging balls. Glow in the dark poi balls and fire dancing ties back to this historic form of dance.

Authentic Hula Skirts are perhaps the most iconic pieces of hula supply. Historically, Hawaiians turned to mother nature to gather ti leaves or hala leaves to weave together into the green grass skirts that have become part of the hula culture. Raffia skirts offer a nice alternative to the fresh leaf version for those who don’t have access to Hawaiian rain forests! They can also serve as a wall hanging for for a tropical twist on interior decorating.

Authentic Hula Skirt

LeiHut at Lemonade Alley

Home9Blog9LeiHut at Lemonade Alley

LeiHut at Lemonade Alley

LeiHut booth at Lemonade Alley

LeiHut was proud to be a title sponsor for Honolulu’s 2nd Annual Lemonade Alley competition on July 8, 2012. The event showcased kid teams from around the island of Oahu in a head-to-head competition that tested their business and entrepreneurship skills. LeiHut was on-site selling yummy Biz-Bites snacks and Kona coffee and donated 100% of proceeds to Lemonade Alley.

LeiHut provided gorgeous fresh orchid leis for the VIP judges and celebrities at the event. Business owners, CEOs, TV & radio personalities and Miss Hawaii came out to support the kids and help select the winning teams. All VIPs received a special LeiHut care package as well! The competition took place to the theme of “A Yellow Carpet Event.” The film was rolling and camera flashes were dazzling as this year’s contestants pitched their ideas. Live kid bands played rock and roll music to keep the party going all day long and several lovely young ladies hula danced their way down the yellow carpet.

The "Famous" Wally Amos cookie entrepreneur judging at Lemonade Alley
The Yellow Carpet at Lemonade Alley

Together, the teams raised over $4000 to benefit different nonprofit organizations through the sales of their lemonade and Biz-Bite product sales. Winning teams received $1000 cash and were selected based on 5 judging criteria – business plan, 1-minute business pitch, booth design, taste test and sales. LeiHut gave a special award to the team with the most Facebook “Likes.” As an online marketplace for Hawaiian products, we understand the value of having a strong presence in social media and want to encourage the next generation to use the tools of the Internet to their advantage.

Tons of photos can be found on the Lemonade Alley Facebook page and in the Lemonade Alley photo gallery!

Local Writers Love LeiHut!

Home9Blog9Local Writers Love LeiHut!

Local Writers Love LeiHut!

LeiHut is feeling the love on this sunny Hawaiian Valentine’s Day! Over the past few days we’ve gotten some fantastic write-ups. Check out what these writers had to say:

Erika Engle – “TheBuzz” columnist for the Business section of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser had a great article featuring LeiHut in the 2/13/12 edition of the paper. Subscribers can view an online version of the article here.

Lindsey Muraoka – a bloger for the “Food La La” of the Honolulu Pulse featured the LeiHut Valentine’s Spam Musubis in her recent post and even tried the recipe herself!