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Aloha Greetings

Nov 6, 2012 | All Stories

There’s something very special about receiving a hand written card in the mail. In a time when emails, Facebook messages, tweets and texts can fly back and forth between friends in an instant, their words and meaning are just as quickly forgotten. Luckily the holiday tradition of sending cards to the people we love continues to carry on year after year. Classic holiday cards decorated with winter scenes and red and green color combinations are nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. This year, why not add some tropical flare to your holiday greeting cards? Two of our LeiHut vendors make it easy.

Hawaiian Greeting Cards
Bird of Paradise Card

Hawaiian Cards by Anne is owned and operated by artist Anne Wheelock on the island of Oahu. Inspired by Hawaii’s beautiful flora, Anne has been painting for 10 years. Card designs are printed from original acrylic paintings and featured on blank greeting cards. Most of the paintings are based on photographs taken by the artist. All of the photographs are taken in Hawaii, the materials for painting are purchased in Hawaii and the cards are printed in Hawaii – a truly Hawaiian product! One of her best sellers is the vibrant Birds of Paradise cards.

HOPA creates meaningful greeting cards that are printed with their signature Pure Aloha Oath. What is “Pure Aloha”? The simplest answer is: Pure Aloha is unconditional love – the most powerful force in the universe residing right within the heart of each and every one of us. The sunny yellow hearts that hug the spine of the card are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

HOPA Pure Aloha Greeting Card

Besides holidays, what other occasions inspire you to send hand written cards?