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Tuna & Taro Dog Treats

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When it comes to island cuisine, tuna and taro are popular ingredients. ‘Ahi is the name for bigeye tuna in Hawaii, and it is served in every way – from sushi to steaks. Taro has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet for centuries and is used to make poi.

Tuna & Taro dog treats

Human beings have taken delight in these eats, and now it’s time to share the tastiness with man’s best friend. These fish-shaped Tuna & Taro dog treats are as cute as they are crunchy and delicious and nutritious. They’re freshly baked with aloha by TLC Dog Treats in Mililani, Oahu. No preservatives or artificial ingredients are added.

Tuna & Taro dog treats

LeiHut is offering Tuna & Taro Treats for 50% off now through February 20th or while supplies last. Score your bag here before they’re gone!

Coconut Candy Crazed

Home9Blog9Coconut Candy Crazed

We admit it, we’re kind of obsessed. Okay, more than kind of. We have a total coconut CRAZE. In Hawaii, this irresistible tropical flavor gets incorporated into almost every food. From pancakes to cocktails to curries dishes, coconut is an all around performer. Coconut crazy people often need an instant way to satisfy their cravings. This is when coconut candies come into play. Hard candies are the perfect on-the-go solution for coconut lovers. Each piece is individually wrapped, which makes for easy stashing in desk drawers, car glove compartments, purses, lunch bags and any other place where a coconut craving may strike. Hard candies do not melt easily and stay fresh for a long time. These delicious candies are full of sweet coconut flavor and are sure to bring a smile to your lips.

Coconut Hard Candy LeiHut
Coconut Hard Candy Bag LeiHut

You’ll smile even more when you see that we’ve got a special limited time offer on coconut candy. Now through January 30th, or while supplies last, all coconut candy is 50% off! Stock up on savings and satisfy those cravings before it’s too late! Check out the deal here.

Dog Lei SALE!

Home9Blog9Dog Lei SALE!

Want a special way to say “I love you” to your pet? Look no further, we’ve got a paw-fect gift idea: beautiful, handmade doggie leis. These yarn leis resemble the fresh flower leis that are famous in the Hawaiian islands. Each lei is lovingly made in Honolulu and shipped to lucky puppies around the U.S.A.

LeiHut Dog Lei
Lei Woof Dog Lei Purple

Dog leis are a unique and creative way to accessorize for dog training graduation, weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions. The soft yarn is so comfortable for dogs to wear that these leis make a great everyday item to show off on walks around the block or at the local bark park. Our dog model, Mia, definitely struts like a diva when she has her lei on.

Now through February 6th, small purple dog leis are 50% off! Limited quantities available.

A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

Home9Blog9A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

Aloha LeiHut fans! We’ve got a special offer to help you get a fresh start on the new year. For a limited time, LeiHut’s plumeria scented air fresheners are FREE! You only pay 50 cents to ship anywhere in the U.S.A! Air fresheners are not just for your car. These cute boogie board shaped fresheners are also great for any other place that needs a little boost. Try them in your gym bag, school locker, dorm room, laundry room or bathroom. After a few whiffs of this lovely fragrance, you’ll be transported to paradise. Click to score your FREE air freshener before it’s too late!

Plumeria Air Freshener