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Kukui Nut Leis

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Kukui Nut Leis

If there is one Hawaiian accessory that has prevailed over time, the Kukui Nut Lei takes the crown. Originally worn by the islands’ ali‘i (Hawaiian for “chiefs,”) Kukui Nuts Leis are now a popular item for folks of all social classes.

Kukui Nuts come from the Kukui tree, the official state tree for Hawaii. Kukui trees grow easily all around the islands, and each part of the tree has been put to good use throughout history. Its wood has been constructed into outrigger canoes, its oils have been incorporated into health and beauty products to help heal the body, and of course, its nuts have been artfully strung into leis.

Black Kukui Nu
Black Kukui Nut Lei

Today, Kukui Nut leis are useful in many ways. Since they are non-perishable, they provide an easy way to give a lei greeting at any time, any place, any season of the year. Great for themed-parties, hula halaus, or as a unique and beautiful necklace! LeiHut’s got a special limited time offer on kukui nut leis that will allow you to stock up on savings! Check it out here

Mele Kalikimaka

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Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka means “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian. To celebrate this brightly hued holiday, LeiHut’s put together a list of our favorite red and green goodies!

Hawaiian BBQ Sauces are as red as they are full of flavor. Use ’em for ribs, pork, and chicken. Sauces are also an easy way to add Hawaiian deliciousness to sandwiches, burgers, or eggs. We love the Smokey variety – it’s made with Kona coffee!

Hawaiian BBQ Sauce
LeiHut Reversible Tote

Go green in more ways than one with this reversible, eco-friendly tote bag! Save trees and plastic bags from going into landfills by brining this tote with you when you do your grocery shopping, trips to the beach, or picnics. Cloth tote bags make an awesome gift because they fold flat to be easily packed, and they’re machine washable. Totally carefree toting!

Red and green come together to make a fun, sweet and gummy treat! Yummy gummy bears and worms become a Hawaiian taste sensation with sprinkling of li hing powder. In Hawaii, li hing powder is used as a topping for fresh fruit, ice-cream, dried fruits, and other candies to give them a uniquely sweet and salty taste that locals love!

What are your favorite ways to use red and green during the holidays?

Li Hing Gummy Mix

Unique Gift Ideas

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Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for unique holiday gift ideas? LeiHut is here to help! We’ve got dozens of creative, handcrafted, Hawaiian products that are sure to show your loved ones just how much you care. Direct shipped from our island vendors to your home on the mainland, you’ll be getting a product that is truly special.

Coconut Shell Candles
Hawaiian Ukulele

One gift that is music to our ears is an ukulele. This iconic island instrument has just four strings, instead of six strings like a guitar, so it is a little easier to learn. It’s never too early or too late to start playing the ukulele! Instructional books for beginners are are the perfect add-on to give with an ukulele for those who like to teach themselves. Otherwise there are ukulele teachers and playing groups in almost every city across the nation.

Tired of giving boring winter-themed gifts? Turn up the heat with Hawaii’s favorite hot sauce. Made with all natural ingredients grown in their garden, ADOBOLOCO sauces are second to none. This set includes mild, medium and hot sauce, so your favorite foodie can decide how much spiciness they want to incorporate into their meal.

ADOBOLOCO Hot Sauce Gift Set
Fresh Hawaiian Leis

If you’re looking to really knock the socks off and surprise the island lover in your life, have a fresh orchid lei shipped in from Hawaii! Leis are shipped with a 100% freshness guarantee, and the blossoms always arrive looking as vibrant as the day they were picked. Premium varieties like spiral, feather, and Pikky leis are comprised of hundreds of orchids!

Have you ever received a really unique gift? Let us know what your favorite one was!

St. Nick’s Snack Picks!

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St. Nick’s Snack Picks!

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but many families get an early visit from St. Nick on December 6th. Youngsters hang stockings or put out shoes the evening before St. Nick’s day and wake up to find small trinkets, snacks and other gifts in their footwear. LeiHut loves all things holiday, especially if we can put a little Hawaiian twist on the tradition. Here are our top St. Nick’s holiday picks:

Mixed Mochi Balls: These colorful, crunchy, bite-sized snacks are as delicious as they are fun to eat. Mixed mochi balls come in a variety of bright colors and almost look like ornaments you could hang on the Christmas tree. These light and airy nuggets make a great snack on their own, or can a fun addition to other salty munchies like pretzels, popcorn, or other arare.

Mixed Mochi Balls
Sweet Coconut

Sweet Coconut: Give them a sweet treat as white as Christmas morning snow. Dried coconut pieces have a chewy texture and are chock-full of island coconut flavor. Try adding pieces to trail mix or into your favorite dessert recipes for a truly tropical taste. You can also create an edible winter wonderland by incorporating coconut into your gingerbread house decorations!

Tropical Candies: With flavors like pineapple, mango, and coconut, there’s no way you can go wrong with these delectable hard candies. These yummy treats dissolve slowly, allowing you to enjoy the tropical taste sensation. At a time when chocolatey, gooey candies and cookies are in abundance, having a fruity option around is a welcome change.

What are your favorite things to get from St. Nick?

Pineapple Hard Candy