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Fall Beauty

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Fall Beauty

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, the weather is starting to change, and fall fashion is at its heyday. Whether you’re busting out boots and winter coats or stashing an umbrella in your bag for fall rain showers, these are essential items to keep you looking fabulous.

Maintain your skin’s summer glow by regularly exfoliating and moisturizing. You can do both at once with one of our favorite shower staples – Maui Sugar Scrub. This stuff works wonders for dry and uneven skin. It sloughs off old, dead skin and heals from the inside out. Manufactured in Maui using premium sugar and other ingredients, this scrub is a real treat.

Maui Sugar Scrub
Kimeejay earrings

Draw attention to your exquisite epidermis with a little sparkle and shine. Funky and flirty jewelry is a great way to make a statement and perk up your fall wardrobe. We love the dangly earrings and beach-inspired necklaces by designer Kimeejay. Accessorizing is an easy way to add a splash of cute color and unique style to your look! Try layering necklaces or pairing earrings with a sleek updo.

Want to know another one of our favorite fall beauty secrets? Always having snacks on hand! Adjusting to “real life” after the lazy days of summer, it’s important to keep your energy up. Having a small stash of dried fruit or trail mix tucked in your desk can be a real life saver when the late afternoon hunger pangs hit. Instead of gorging on chips or candy from the vending machine, you can maintain your fit physique with a healthier alternative.

Tropical Trail Mix

Do you have any fall beauty tips and tricks? Let us know how you stay stylish!

Hawaiian 101

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Hawaiian 101

The state of Hawaii is unique in that there are two official languages – English and Hawaiian. The Hawaiian alphabet has just 12 letters (A, E, I, O, U, K, L, M, N, P, and W.) Visitors to the islands will find the Hawaiian language incorporated at restaurants, shops and activities. Here’s a quick guide to a few useful Hawaiian words and phrases.

“Aloha” – The most popular Hawaiian word, most people don’t realize that “Aloha” has multiple meanings. It can be used to say “hello” or “goodbye.” It also means “welcome” and “love” or “affection.” The term is used when greeting visitors to Hawaii with a flower lei, or to describe a dress code like aloha attire (which means men should don aloha shirts and slacks.)

“Mahalo” – The Hawaiian word for “thank you” is used frequently in everyday life on the islands. Try using mahalo whenever you want to show gratitude or appreciation towards someone. “Mahalo nui loa” means “thank you very much.”

Hawaiian Fresh Flower Lei
Hawaiian Ukulele Player

“Hana Hou!” – This phrase translates to “one more time!” You’ll hear locals encouraging their favorite musical performers at the end of the show with this saying. When you hear the sweet sounds of an ukulele and beautiful melodies of traditional Hawaiian music, it’s impossible to keep from shouting “Hana Hou!” when the concert has come to a close.

Sometimes visitors get hung up on the pronunciation of Hawaiian words. Keep in mind that in Hawaiian language vowels are pronounced differently than in English. There are no silent vowels; each letter is spoken. Take your time and soon enough you’ll be talking like a local! Here’s a guide to the vowels:

A – pronounced “ah”

E – pronounced “eh”

I – pronounced “ee”

O – pronounced “oh”

U – pronounced “oo”

Give us a shout and let us know how your Hawaiian speaking experience goes. Aloha for now!

Hula Supply is Here!

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Hula Supply is Here!

LeiHut is thrilled to welcome our newest vendor, Hula Supply Center, to the LeiHut Ohana. The Hula Supply Center has been in business in Honolulu since 1954 and is the go-to source for all things hula related. Walking around their shop is a sensory overload – brightly colored flower leis line the walls, freshly hollowed ipu gourds rest on the floor to dry, shelves are stocked with traditional Hawaiian printed sarongs, instruments, jewelry and other goods unique to Hawaii and hula. Here’s a guide to some of the staples that Hula Supply Center provides to hula halaus around the world.

Puili Sticks are hand carved from bamboo and one of the most widely used implements in hula. One side is split to make the distinct rhythmic sound of traditional hula. This split side is tapped on the ground, against the body, or against the other puili stick. The smooth side of the puili serves as the handle and comes in either a small or large hand size. Small puili sticks are great for children just beginning their hula practice.

Puili Sticks
Authentic New Zealand Dancing Balls

New Zealand Dancing Balls, also known as Maori Balls or Poi Balls, were traditionally used by Maori dancers. These days, New Zealand Dancing Balls are commonly incorporated in a variety of Polynesian performances. While grasping the yarn tassels, dancers twist their wrists to create beautiful patterns with the swinging balls. Glow in the dark poi balls and fire dancing ties back to this historic form of dance.

Authentic Hula Skirts are perhaps the most iconic pieces of hula supply. Historically, Hawaiians turned to mother nature to gather ti leaves or hala leaves to weave together into the green grass skirts that have become part of the hula culture. Raffia skirts offer a nice alternative to the fresh leaf version for those who don’t have access to Hawaiian rain forests! They can also serve as a wall hanging for for a tropical twist on interior decorating.

Authentic Hula Skirt

Talk Story with LeiLei Hawaiian Jewelry

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Talk Story with LeiLei Hawaiian Jewelry

In Hawaii “talk story” means catching up or chatting. LeiHut loves talking story with our vendors. Here’s a talk story session with Honolulu jewelry designer James Tseng, and his company LeiLei Hawaiian Jewelry.

LeiHut (LH): Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you discover your love for jewelry making?
James Tseng (JT): I grew up on this island and was surrounded by many inspirational people. We all know Hawaii is a special place. You get to meet these great people by any chance. One person who influenced me the most is Howard Miao. He basically changed the way we think and create Hawaiian Jewelry.

Hawaiian Sunrise Shells
Hawaiian Silver Bracelet

(LH): What inspires your designs?
(JT): Everything. Sometimes you don’t notice it, but it’s there.

(LH): What is your most popular piece?
(JT): Hawaii Sunrise Shell. The most beautiful piece that is created by nature and only can be found in Hawaii.

(LH): What is your favorite piece of jewelry  from your collection?
(JT): The first bangle I made for my mom.

(LH): Are there any new designs in the works?
(JT): Yes! I am always searching for new ways to create, to express.

Hawaiian Silver Ring