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LeiHut at Lemonade Alley

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LeiHut at Lemonade Alley

LeiHut booth at Lemonade Alley

LeiHut was proud to be a title sponsor for Honolulu’s 2nd Annual Lemonade Alley competition on July 8, 2012. The event showcased kid teams from around the island of Oahu in a head-to-head competition that tested their business and entrepreneurship skills. LeiHut was on-site selling yummy Biz-Bites snacks and Kona coffee and donated 100% of proceeds to Lemonade Alley.

LeiHut provided gorgeous fresh orchid leis for the VIP judges and celebrities at the event. Business owners, CEOs, TV & radio personalities and Miss Hawaii came out to support the kids and help select the winning teams. All VIPs received a special LeiHut care package as well! The competition took place to the theme of “A Yellow Carpet Event.” The film was rolling and camera flashes were dazzling as this year’s contestants pitched their ideas. Live kid bands played rock and roll music to keep the party going all day long and several lovely young ladies hula danced their way down the yellow carpet.

The "Famous" Wally Amos cookie entrepreneur judging at Lemonade Alley
The Yellow Carpet at Lemonade Alley

Together, the teams raised over $4000 to benefit different nonprofit organizations through the sales of their lemonade and Biz-Bite product sales. Winning teams received $1000 cash and were selected based on 5 judging criteria – business plan, 1-minute business pitch, booth design, taste test and sales. LeiHut gave a special award to the team with the most Facebook “Likes.” As an online marketplace for Hawaiian products, we understand the value of having a strong presence in social media and want to encourage the next generation to use the tools of the Internet to their advantage.

Tons of photos can be found on the Lemonade Alley Facebook page and in the Lemonade Alley photo gallery!

What is Arare?

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What is Arare?

Arare is a Japanese rice cracker that comes in fun shapes and flavors. These perfectly bite-sized snacks are made from glutinous rice and originally flavored with soy sauce. Other popular variations are wasabi and honey glazes. Arare often has pieces of dried seaweed (called nori) sprinkled throughout. It’s a great snack to take on the go when you want a break from boring pretzels or chips. In Hawaii, Arare is so popular you can even order it as a topping on popcorn at the movie theaters!
Here’s a quick newbie guide to the world of arare. Once you’ve got the basics, explore different varieties for new taste sensations!

Sakura Arare

Original Arare: crunchy rice crackers with a savory soy glaze in a variety of shapes.

Wasabi Iso Peanuts

Wasabi Peas & Peanuts: green peas or peanuts with a crunchy, hot, wasabi coating.

Red Nori Iso Peanuts

Nori Iso Peanuts: peanuts in a crispy, crunchy, slightly sweet cracker coating.

Mochi Balls

Mochi Balls: peanuts with a crunchy mochi coating.

Loose Orchids for Events

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Loose Orchids for Events

Loose orchid blossoms bring a beautiful, tropical elegance to any occasion. Guests will assume you spent thousands on your floral budget, but we’ll let you in on a little secret – when you order loose orchids in bulk they’re just pennies a piece! Orchid blooms can be used at weddings, banquets, luaus and parties. They also can be strung into traditional hawaiian leis to be given as gifts or sold as part of a fundraiser for hula halaus. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these gorgeous flowers. Here are some creative ways to incorporate orchids into your next event:

Loose Dendrobium Orchids
  • Enhance the rim of tropical drinks
  • Garnish food and dessert plates
  • Decorate table centerpieces
  • Pin on hair or as a corsage for an island-inspired style
  • Have the flower girl carry a basket of orchids
  • Shower the bride and groom with blossoms when they exit the church
  • Have a “make your own lei” activity for guests

Orchids are shipped anywhere in the U.S.A. with a 100% freshness guarantee and last longer than most flowers when properly stored in the refrigerator. Check out the bulk orchids from Leis by Ron, based in Honolulu.

Loose Orchids
Loose Dendrobium Orchid Blooms

Talk Story with Danshells

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Talk Story with Danshells

In Hawaii “talk story” means catching up or chatting. LeiHut loves talking story with our vendors. Here’s a talk story session with jewelry designer Danielle Scherman, and her company Danshells.

LeiHut (LH): Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you discover your love for jewelry making? Danielle Scherman (DS): I’m a local girl born and raised in Kailua. I love the island culture and beach inspired fashion. I also enjoy having a creative outlet and learned jewelry techniques from Bead It in Kailua. I’m an entrepreneur by day and enjoy the creative and inventive freedom that jewelry making provides. I’ve noticed that many times I’ll set to create something and it comes out much different than I originally intended, and usually better. This is what happens when you allow yourself creative freedom.

Danshells Earrings

LH: What inspires your designs?

DS: I’m very much into the nautical and beach themes and incorporate some of those elements into my jewelry. I get a lot of inspiration for jewelry, home decor and my own personal style on Pottery Barn, Surf Lodge in Montauk, Esty, Bali design stores, and of course on Pinterest. I can be entertained for hours on Pinterest learning, discovering and getting inspired!

LH: What is your favorite piece from your collection? Why?

DS: One of my favorite earrings has has gold boat anchor charms and is great for a summer chic look! I love anything that involves sailing as it’s my life dream to hop on a sailboat and travel the world!

LH: Are there any new designs in the works?

DS: Yes. I’m working on one-of-a-kind jewelry designs made out of hand picked shells from my travels as well as from Hawaii.

Check out Danielle’s jewelry here and see LeiHut’s top picks below!

Dangling Shell Hoop Earrings
Large Gold Fish Hoop Earrings
Glass Bead Silver Hoop