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Talk Story with Lei Woof

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Talk Story with Lei Woof

In Hawaii “talk story” means catching up or chatting. LeiHut loves talking story with our vendors. Here’s a talk story session with doggie lei designer Krystal Narusaki about her company, Lei Woof.

LeiHut (LH): Are you a dog lover? Krystal Narusaki (KN): Absolutely! I have a shih-tzu who is my little furry buddy. My mornings usually start with my dog licking my face and usually end with me petting him goodnight. Dogs are loyal, sincere, and great companions!

Lei Woof Doggie Lei - Maile

LH: What inspired you to start making doggie leis?

KN: A friend’s dog passed the Good Canine Citizen test and I wanted to make a lei to celebrate the occasion. Everyone wanted to know where I’d gotten the lei from. Then started making leis for family and friends’ dogs and thought, why not share this special Hawaiian custom with everyone?

LH: What type of occasions are good for doggie leis?

KN: Doggie leis are great for birthdays, holidays, and all types of celebrations! They’re also great for puppy class graduations or a gift for a dog lover. Leis are also a great accessory for daily use and the perfect way to say I Love You!

LH: What makes your doggie leis special? 

KN: All the leis are handmade in Honolulu, Hawaii. Another cool thing is that the leis are named after different Island Flowers! Maui’s flower is the lokelani, Kauai’s flower is the mokihana… I tried to make my lei line not only cute but also share a bit of Hawaiian culture.

LH: Are your leis only for small dogs?

KN: Oh no! Dogs of all sizes love wearing these leis! The large is 16″ but I can also create custom lengths.

LH: Does Lei Woof have any new design ideas in the works?

KN: Yes! I’m currently working on a kaunaoa lei (Lanai’s island flower) and an ohia lehua lei (Hawaii Island’s flower). I’m also working with some fun colors to create a “lei woof” lei.

Mia, the official LeiHut doggie product tester, absolutely LOVES her Lei Woof leis. Check out some of her best glamour shots!

Plumeria Doggie Lei
Lokelani Doggie Lei
Pikake Doggie Lei

What is Crack Seed?

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What is Crack Seed?

Crack Seed is one of the most popular snacks in Hawaii! These preserved fruits have a unique sweet and salty, licorice taste. The name “Crack Seed” comes from the traditional process of cracking the seed of the dried fruit to enhance the flavor. Many Crack Seed snacks these days do not include a seed. Crack Seed is also commonly referred to as “Li Hing Mui.” Visitors from the U.S. Mainland may find the flavor unusual at first, but any local Hawaiians will tell you that Crack Seed is something they love!

Chinese plantation workers introduced this treat to Hawaii in the 1800s. Since then, the line of snacks has greatly expanded. Crack Seed includes everything from dried plums and mango slices to gummy candiesLi Hing Powder is also used as a topping on fresh fruit, such as apple or pineapple slices, and on desserts, such as ice-cream or frozen yogurt.

Seedless White Li Hing Mui

Crack Seed is very difficult to come across Crack Seed at stores on the U.S. mainland. Luckily it ships just fine and can be sent anywhere in the country! Check out some of our favorite Crack Seed bites below!

Li Hing Gummy Mix
Red Li Hing Mui
Seedless Plum
Li Hing Mango